Assistant App (Siri alternative) for All Devices

The assistant app is one of the far-famed assistance of voice for Android. app assists users in answering queries set the alarm clock, looks for information, launches the app and connects to several web services. The assistant app remembers your history and takes into account your present environment and schedules to provide the best suggestions for your favorite services, places, and preferences.

Assistant app

You can also open apps by just commanding. If you’ve Hulu, the films were providing the app or any universal Android app; you can say “Open the app (name).” Assistant understands you, and there is no need to memorize commands or know any special tricks to make it work for you. The multilingual Assistant who is available for users recognizes different languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and it is learning more other words. You can tell Siri to download Showbox apk from Google.

The app has proactive assistance if it thinks you need it. is always at your service with a cross-platform having the same Assistant on your tablet, smartphone, and PC. Users can teach the Assistant to react or respond in specific ways to improve efficiency.

Features of Assistant app include:

  • An alarm clock which is customized by talking opens other apps when you request it hence no more swiping.
  • Customizable appearance with basic emotions, it can book hotels and flights and also look for the deals, navigate websites by voice.
  • Briefs on topics that interests you has a calculator to solve problems such as basic math, currency rates, units, and tips.
  • A calendar where you can add and search events, a clock which shows both time and date and also other locations in the world.
  • Can call, message and email is all done by voice, turns your device on and off and others such as Wi-Fi, silent mode.
  • Airplane mode also by voice, performs some entertainment such as playing games and telling jokes.
  • Checks stock prices, can search for photos and images by Command, assists in shopping on Amazon.
  • Can look for anything on maps for you- it uses Trip Advisor, Google Maps, Yelp, and other services, saves notes to your Ever note account.
  • Reminds you of anything you want like birthdays and other reminders to open search results in the built-in browser.
  • Answers questions about the app and the company the created it, can translate 40+ languages using Bing Translator and lastly, it has comprehensive knowledge supported by Wikipedia and other web services.

That’s all; I hope you find it assistive. The assistant app is 13.28MB and is free in the Play Store and takes roughly one minute to set up on your Android phone. Over ten million users have downloaded assistant. Users are recommended to update the app once in a while to experience new features and bug fixes.